So, This Exists: Beer, By Twitter

First, Facebook had a movie. Now, Twitter has a beer. Next stop: Instagram gets a soundtrack. (Oh, wait, that already happened!)

Meet #MashTag, the world's first "Twitter beer." It's the brainchild of UK brewery BrewDog... and more than 5,000 tweeting contributors. #MashTag, the official beer of Arab Spring protesters:

#Mashtag was born via social-media democracy: the brewery's thousands of followers voted on every aspect of the ale-making process, including the name, label design, amount of hops, degree of alcohol and malt, and its "special twist." The contest stretched out over five days in the middle of March, with a different element "voted in" each day of the week.

"We handed the keys to the brewery over to our fans," Sarah Warman of BrewDog told ABC News. "Every single element of that beer was decided by the public."

The "special twist" is the aging process, which utilizes hazelnuts and oak chips—33 pounds of hazelnuts, to be exact—leaving the ale with a "Christmass-y taste." What democracy has proved in this case is that around March-time, a great deal of people were sorely missing the festive season.

“We’ve interacted with our fans at a very deep level,” Warman said. She added: "We live and die by what's in our glass, at the end of the day."

Oh, the bravery! You can buy a slice (well, a pint) of democracy in action here.