12 Last-Minute Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas For People Short On Time

Halloween is just around the corner, you forgot to plan a costume, and there is a party tonight. Well, I’m here to save the day with these last-minute homemade Halloween costume ideas. No one can blame you for not planning — Halloween sneaks up on all of us. Before you try to use last year’s bat costume again, or dress in all black and say you’re a poet, listen to the little DIY voice in your head dying to get out. You can throw something together easily with just a little creativity and some tape, I promise.

Using items you probably have lying around the house (paper, scissors, black pants), I put together a few costumes that will look like you put way more thought and effort into the holiday than you actually did. For example, have you considered dressing up as the heart eyes emoji? All you need is heart sunglasses or some red eye shadow to paint a heart around your eyes. See how easy that was?

Get ready to stun at your party, and be the Halloween queen — well actually more like a princess. Your friend with the detailed zombie makeup can take the big crown. That makeup took her, like, four hours, and she’s been planning since last year.

1. Party Animal

Zebra Print Hat, $2, Walmart

Looking for a costume that's equal parts adorable and genius? Check out this play on words by StudioDIY. Grab an animal print party hat, and you're all set.

2. Heart Eye Emojis

Heart Eye Sunglasses, $10, Amazon

All you need to be this beloved emoji is some heart eye sunglasses, which you can order online or pick up at a party supply store. You could also use red eyeshadow to paint a heart around your eyes.

3. Sunglasses Emoji

Black Sunglasses, $10, Amazon

And while we're talking about emojis, you probably already have a pair of plain black sunglasses hanging around. Put them on, and tell everyone you are the cool sunglasses emoji.

4. Pineapple

Grab your yellow dress, and tape together this cute green topper from StudioDIY.

5. Dominos (Or Dice)

For dominos, dress in all black with white paper dots, or invert the colors to be dice.

6. An Egg

Probably the easiest, and maybe the weirdest, costume you can come up with last minute. Dress in all white with a yellow scarf, or a single yellow paper dot stuck to your chest.

7. Runaway Bride

A classic, and an easy one at that. You'll need a white dress, your favorite running shoes, and a head start.

8. Snapchat's Rainbow Puke

Brittany Marie on YouTube

This costume looks much more complicated than it actually is. If you already have the makeup, you can throw this together in less than half an hour.

9. Rosie The Riveter

Denim Shirt, $29, Amazon | Brown Boots, $30, Amazon

Rosie is a Halloween staple. You probably won't be the only one dressed up as her tonight, but the more the merrier. You're going to need a red bandana, a lot of denim, and girl power.

10. A Classic Cat

Wear all black, put on cat ears, and behold — the most basic costume in existence. It's simple, it's easy, it's a cat.

11. Candy Corn

Yellow Shirt, $10, Amazon | Orange Skinny Jeans, $18, Amazon | White Beanie, $10, Amazon

Candy corn makes a terrible treat, but an easy costume. All you have to do is layer yourself in orange, yellow, and white.

12. Burglar

Striped Shirt, $18. Amazon | Black Skinny Jeans, $24, Amazon

This can also be a mime if you swap out the black gloves for white, and add a little face paint.

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Bustle on YouTube

Image: StudioDIY; StudioDIY; Polyvore