This App Shows You Who Died In Your House

If you've ever wondered if your house was haunted, this app tells you who died in your house. Cleverly titled "Died In House", the website claims to be "the first of its kind, web-based service that helps you find out if anyone has died at any valid US address." Basically, after paying a fee of $11.99 and typing in your address, the site will tell you if anyone died in your house or apartment — which might be of material interest if you're looking to rent of buy, or just hold a Halloween séance. The site apparently searches over 118 million records in order to find answers and give you an official potential ghost report.

The site will find out if a death has occurred at your place of residence or intended place or residence or whatever property you're looking up for whatever reason, along with who the deceased are, when they died, and what the cause of death was (suicide, accidental and murder all included). But it's not just death "Died In House" is interested in. It will also give you a list of names associated with the address and the vitality status of previous residents. Moreover, you will receive "Reported Meth activity," including labs, "dumpsites" or "chemical and glassware," seizures, as well as fire reports associated to the address. Meanwhile, here are some population/death facts about New York (State) from Died In House's site that might interest you:

1. New York Sellers Do Not Have To Disclose Property Deaths

"New York law does not consider any death in the home to be "material fact"; therefore it is not required to be disclosed. If a buyer asks, and the seller knows, then they should answer truthfully, but no legal action shall be brought against the seller and agent for failing to disclose."

2. "NY Has A Population Of Roughly 19,746,227 People"

And if there's a ghost count, it's roughly a bajillion times more than that.

3. "There Are Roughly 8,191,040 Housing Units In NY"

Can you even imagine statistically how many of them might be haunted?!

4. "88 percent Of NY Residents Live In The Same House With Others"

Real talk, who is affording these one bedroom deals? ... How?

5. "The Average Household In NY Consists Of 2 Residents"

Or three — y'know, if there's a ghost.

6. "There Were 1,708 Suicides Reported In NY In 2012"

Is this dark enough for your Monday morning?

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