10 Of The Most Bizarre Harry Potter Fan Theories

One of the most fun parts about loving Harry Potter is being part of the awesome fandom. To say that people are pretty hardcore about the books would be putting it lightly, and some readers even imagine up some wild Harry Potter fan theories. But when you think about purchasing head-to-toe HP outfits, debating which house you and all your friends would belong in, and having book-reading and movie-watching marathons whenever the opportunity arises, would you expect anything less? HP fans know how to thoroughly enjoy a series.

Some of these theories are valid. For example, J.K. Rowling herself approves of the “Dumbledore is death” theory that has recently been making the rounds. But what about some of the theories that are a little more, well, out there?

For every theory that’s grounded in evidence from the book and makes sense in context, there’s a fan theory that veers into the strange side. You probably have a friend who’s come up with a few ideas, or maybe you have your own "head canon" you can’t help pretending is real, even if you know it’s kind of crazy. From the funny to the sad to the downright random, here are some of the most bizarre Harry Potter fan theories.

Ginny Used A Love Potion To Make Harry Fall In Love With Her

This theory tries to explain how Harry "suddenly" fell in love with Ginny in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, despite previously displaying only "brotherly" feelings toward her: She used a love potion. According to the theory, Rowling hinted at this by how much she showcased potions in the sixth book. Book Ginny would probably laugh pretty hard at this one.

McGonagall Is A Death Eater

According to this theory, Professor McGonagall is a death eater because:

  1. She doesn't do anything to actually help in the fight against Voldemort
  2. Her niceness is just covering up her true nature
  3. She likes Quidditch, a very dangerous sport
  4. A lot more grasping-at-straws evidence

Nagini Is Voldemort's Wife

One rabid Harry Potter fan suggests that Nagini is Voldemort's wife, who was an Animagus who either got stuck in snake form or just preferred it.

Moaning Myrtle Died During PMS

Why is Moaning Myrtle always moaning? Some say it's because she died during a terrible bout of PMS. On second thought, that's definitely probable and all our love to Myrtle for her suffering.

Lily Potter Is Crookshanks

There are plenty of fan theories about Crookshanks, who always seems to be more than just the cat that meets the eye. He's super intelligent, seems to know who's trustworthy and who's not, and he's... Lily Potter in disguise? Some fans suggested that Lily was actually an Animagus, and there is even an entire fanfiction based on this theory.

Dolores Umbridge Had A Crush On Voldemort

What man could've been evil enough for Umbridge to fall in love? Voldemort, of course. Fans have theorized that the villainous Professor Umbridge had a crush on Tom Riddle back when they were both at Hogwarts, and when Voldemort was actually handsome and charming. It's this crush that has informed her evil ways moving forward.

James And Remus Switched Bodies

In order to continue doing Auror work, one fan thinks James Potter switched bodies with Remus so Remus could watch over Harry. This would mean that all those years Harry interacted with Remus Lupin, he was actually spending time with his dad. I'm on board for any theories that give Harry back his parents. *Dabbing at eyes with handkerchief*

Harry Didn't Bathe For Years

Because the books don't mention Harry bathing (besides in Goblet of Fire), that must mean he didn't, right?

Harry Hallucinated The Whole Thing

Prepare the tissues. According to this fan theory, Harry hallucinated the whole series, because he is using fantasy as a way to cope with his difficult living situation at the Dursleys. Too sad; I won't allow it.

Stubby Boardman Is Sirius Black

Lead singer of the Hobgoblins Stubby Boardman can't be Sirius Black, because he was having a romantic dinner the night Sirius murdered Pettigrew. Debunked.

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