Does The Frappula Frappuccino Have Caffeine In It?

I love Halloween and I love themes, so when those two come together — Halloween episodes of Pretty Little Liars, Halloween confetti cake, Halloween-scented body wash — I get, uh, really excited. With today's announcement of the new spooky-flavored Frappuccino, though, I have one major question: Does the Starbucks Frappula Frappuccino have caffeine in it? Because although I know that I just said I love Halloween-themed items (and it's totally true), what I value more than most things in life is regular access to caffeine. It keeps me young. So I did what any seasonal-theme-loving-betch would do: I put on my detective Uggs and got down to business.

Before we go any further, let's just brush up on our basic Frappula Frappuccino facts. I wouldn't want you to be uninformed. The Frappula is essentially a parfait of seasonally sweetness: Mocha sauce, then whipped cream, then White Chocolate Mocha-flavored Frappuccino, raspberry sauce around the rim to give the drink a little "edge," and then more whipped cream.

I know. I know. I, too, cannot. Unfortunately, these drinks are only available from Oct. 28 through Oct. 31, with the special running until Nov. 1 in Canada. An extremely tight deadline is upon us, folks. We must get down to this caffeine truth quickly.

Luckily, we were able to go right to the source — the mighty 'Bux — for the information we all seek. And the verdict?

In case my gratuitous Paul Rudd GIF wasn't clear, the Frappula does have caffeine — five milligrams, to be exact, according to a Starbucks spokesperson.

...Which means what, exactly? Five milligrams is a very nebulous amount. So I did even more research (someone should honestly write a YA series on me already), and what I found was that five milligrams is not very much. Like, at all. Like, it's equivalent to a cup of decaf coffee. To get the same little kick I get from your standard cola, I'd have to drink eight Frappula Frappuccinos. It's excellent news for decaf drinkers, though!

And hey, like with all Frappuccino products, the Frappula is extremely customizable — which means that you can add a shot of espresso if you like your beverages a little more high test. So I'll just add somewhere between two and four shots and I'll be ready to greet the day.

Because let's be real:

Images: Courtesy of Starbucks; Giphy (3)