How To Deep Clean Your Life

There is always a lot of pressure to go out and make the most of your weekends, whether that be going to social outings or getting in that long run. While it is great to make the most of your free time away from school or the office, I think the weekends are a great time to focus on yourself. I tend to get so busy during the week, what with nearly every hour accounted for, that weekends tend to be the only breath of fresh air I get all week — so I like to deep clean my life on Saturdays and Sundays. Deep cleaning your life, much like your pores, is a great way to feel refreshed and regain the energy to take on the upcoming week.

Of course, deep cleaning your life can look different for everyone. For you, it might mean doing your laundry while catching up a book you've been reading. For others, it can mean doing their eyebrows and having a meditation session. Whatever you need to regain a little bit of control and find some equilibrium in your life, do just that — because what better way to spend your days off? If you aren't exactly sure where to start with your weekend detox, try out these six deep-cleaning methods.

1. Do A Mask

Odds are, you don't have time during the week to sit around with an oatmeal/avocado pudding smeared across your face. Totally understandable. But there is something very therapeutic about going the extra mile to feel a little bit better about yourself, so pamper away. And odds are, the effects will last into the week both physically (hello, soft skin!) and mentally (a self-esteem boost never hurts!).

2. Clean Out Your Bag

You probably don't realize all of the receipts, snack wrappers, and other useless garbage that accumulates over the months and months you go without cleaning your back. Imagine reaching into your purse and knowing exactly where your keys and chapstick are! Believe it or not, it's possible — and takes only a few minutes to do, but will make you feel infinitely more organized.

3. Write Out Your Week

I generally feel a lot of anxiety if Monday rolls around and I'm not 100 percent certain what commitments I have lined up for the week. So take a few minutes, sit down, and plan out exactly what must be accomplished this week. Use a calendar to mark specific appointments, classes, and workouts you need to get in and then write down a goals list of things you hope to accomplish.

4. Organize Your Refrigerator

Nothing makes you feel like your life is in shambles quite like coming home to a refrigerator full of old groceries. Toss old leftovers, go grocery shopping for some fresh food, and approach the week knowing you're going to be well fed.

5. Reflect On Last Week

Sometimes the week just flies by so quickly, you almost forget what just happened. Take a moment to think about what you accomplished this week, how you felt, and what you wish you would have prioritized. This is a great way to check in with yourself mentally and make sure you're making the most of your time while still being in control of your emotions!

6. Make Some Friend Time

There is nothing more important than maintaining healthy, supportive relationships. In fact, weekends seem to be designed for reconnecting with friends and family, so make sure to prioritize getting together with some friends to chat and recount your week, or simply make a phone date to talk on the phone with someone who you want to share your life with. It can make all the difference knowing you have that to look forward to during a stressful week.

Getting your life together in two days never felt so good.

Images: KerdKanno/Pixabay; Giphy (6)