The 'Downton Abbey' Premiere's 12 Most Delicious Zingers

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Woof. That was one emotionally draining return to Downton Abbey, wasn't it? Don't get me wrong, the acting was never better, the writing poetic, the costumes to die for, and the downstairs staff as charming as ever. Downton is ever so welcome back. Still, do you think they make a life-sized Mr. Carson pillow for having a good cry into? If not, get on that, merchandising team.

Amidst the Lady Mary turmoil, poor Mr. Molseley's sad attempts to get back on his feet, Daisy's fake (ish) admirer, awful Nanny West and the tragic story of Carson's lost love and best friend betrayal, there were actually some lighter moments. Perhaps even moments, to dare I suggest, LOL. Here are Bustle's favorite zingers, one-liners, sick burns, and disses from last night's long-awaited season premiere.

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