See Miranda Kerr As Marilyn Monroe

Even celebrities aren't immune to the fun of dressing up for Halloween. Miranda Kerr dressed as Marilyn Monroe for a Halloween party on Sunday, and looked pretty fab doing so. When it comes to Halloween, Kerr apparently does not shy away from going all out. Her past resume of getups range from an adorable (mother) kitten to racy circus ringleader, and this Halloween, Kerr has gone blonde.

Despite her convincing costume, don't worry: It seems like the brunette bombshell still has her dark tresses thanks to a platinum wig. Dressing as a 1950s sex icon with a signature beauty mark and husky voice to boot does sound like a great Halloween choice, so it seems like Kerr may have carried out her most fabulous Halloween costume of all this year. And fabulous white dress aside, if I've learned anything from this, it's that Kerr can officially rock any hair color and still look as enchanting.

Blonde or not, replicating Kerr's totally and completely gorgeous Marilyn ensemble is easier than you'd think, especially as Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is amidst the last minute costume scramble. And why not find a reason to buy a great new outfit and red lipstick? Always a good option in my book.

Meet Miranda Monroe

This Halloween, get ready to travel back into the glamour and glitz of old Hollywood. Add a dash of Miranda Kerr's angelic essence and you're all set for an evening of ghouls and witchcraft.

1. The Makeup

An important ingredient of re-creating the Marilyn Monroe look is always in the makeup. Here, Pixiwoo reveals the secret to perfecting Monroe's fluttery lashes, winged liner, and lush red carpet lips. You'll instantly go from Norma Jeane to Marilyn within a few flicks of your mascara wand.

2. The Hair

Let's face it: Hair can make or break a Marilyn Monroe costume. Not blessed with white blonde locks? Opt for a Marilyn-style wig instead. Quick, convenient, and easy to style makes this a no-brainer addition to your look.

Classic Marilyn Monroe Wig, $13.99,

3. The Dress

You can thank The Seven Year Itch for the birth of the Marilyn Monroe aesthetic. Who knew what one simple white dress and subway grate could do to cinematic and fashion history? A deep plunge wrap dress offers a modern twist on an otherwise classic look. Add a thigh-high slit if you're feeling particularly brave or keep it safe and traditional — the choice is yours on how you want to revamp the costume.

NaaNaa Deep Plunge Wrap Maxi Dress, $63,

4. The Shoes

Whether you'll be party-hopping or adult trick-or-treating this Halloween, always ensure that you have comfortable shoe attire. After all, there's nothing more agonizing than blisters by hour one. To keep in theme with the costume, you'll need a pair of white heels with ankle straps.

ASOS PUBLIC Pointed High Heels, $80.62,

5. The Lips

Promise me one thing before you commit fully to your Marilyn Monroe costume: Never leave the house without red lipstick on. I repeat, never. What else would you do without Monroe's trademark pout? Though the lipstick routine seems harmless at first, the reality is much more complex. Marie Claire has a handy guide to fully mastering the four-step technique to the Monroe lip.

NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red, $27,

Never bad to have an excuse to buy some more red lipstick, right?

Images: Courtesy Brands