Loki's Back, B*tch

He's baaaaacckkk! Thor 2 scene-stealer Loki may get his own mini-movie! Next month when the Thor 2: The Dark World is released on Blu-Ray and DVD, it will come with a short film called All Hail the King. That's all Marvel's given us to work with, but if they thought we couldn't figure it out, they way underestimated their fandom. Those who have seen the Thor sequel quickly worked out that the king the title references is probably Loki, meaning he will be the star of this short film, as if he wasn't the star in all the other Marvel movies already. Here's where I could put a spoiler alert as I'm going to ruin the ending of Thor 2, but honestly if you didn't see it when it came out two months ago, you're probably not going to care about the Loki mini-movie anyway, so why are you even reading this article?

Thor 2 had a very confusing ending that led many people to Google "Did Loki die at the end of Thor 2?" No, he didn't. He simply transformed into Odin, his adopted-father and king-of-Asgard. Although even if Loki had died, it wouldn't stop him from getting a film spinoff because everyone knows that 'dead' in the Marvel universe isn't actually dead. Anyway, King Odin, who is now actually Loki, must be the king talked about in the short film title. Plus, from a character who loves shouting "KNEEEEEELLLL!" to people, I can totally see him shouting, "ALL HAIL THE KING!" which definitely proves that this short film is going to be Loki-centered. Okay, not entirely, but Marvel knows how much fans like Loki and since he's not coming back for Avengers 2, they owe us something. Or they at least owe Tom Hiddleston who was arguably the saddest of everyone to see his character's journey come to an end.

Few actors have delved into their characters as much as Hiddleston who is constantly psychoanalyzing Loki to show us the layers beneath the evil exterior. "He has a broken heart," Hiddleston has said of the villain. "He is grief-stricken, bitter, lonely, sad, angry, ambitious, jealous and proud — and yet, he has a charm and a playfulness and a mischief."

This mini-movie, if it is indeed about Loki as we suspect, is sure to delight Hiddleston who didn't know if he'd get the chance to step back into Loki's mind again. "You know I’ve had such a good time playing him, I have absolutely no idea if I’ll ever get to play him again," he said while doing press for Thor 2.

Now he'll hopefully get to don the green Loki costume once more, and even get some input in the mini-film which just means that much more complexity and backstory for Loki's character. Said Hiddleston, "I have poured so much into his creation and his genesis and the architecture of the character. There was so much I thought about before I first played him."

After putting in so much effort to find his character, it seems likely Hiddleston will contribute further to the short film like he did with his prison scenes in Thor 2. "I had lots of ideas about it and they showed me an early draft and asked for my input. I kept saying, 'We have to take Loki to rock bottom. We have to break him.'"

Now, with Loki rising from rock bottom to take the throne of Asgard, we couldn't be more excited to see where Marvel and Hiddleston take him from there.

Image: liquidcassidy/Tumblr; thetomhiddlestoneffect/Tumblr