Emma Watson Split With Her Boyfriend...A While Ago

Sneaky, sneaky. Yesterday we talked about how Emma Watson is taking a break from acting to return to academics and finish her undergraduate degree, and now it's been revealed that she's going through some other changes, too. Or, well, was, a while back, and we're just hearing about it now. Basically, Watson broke up with boyfriend Will Adamowicz... over the summer.

It's like when Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan broke up and didn't tell anyone for like a year! Except we're way less invested because Will Adamowicz is not an entertainer!

As these things go for young'uns working their hides off in the industry, the two split due to Watson's hectic schedule and are no longer in touch — that last part according to what Watson's rep told the UK's Mirror:

“Emma and Will separated last summer and are no longer in touch.”

That last part was also probably tacked on due to the New Year's Eve facebook picture of Adamowicz in which five little white things sit in front of him which could easily be cocaine or some other drug or just as easily be nothing at all. Nonetheless, it's been making the rounds, and for a celebrity with as clean an image as Watson, it makes sense to clarify a complete lack of involvement.