14 National Cat Day Items You Need To Show Off Your Feline Fandom

Oct. 29 is National Cat Day, which means you need to spend the entire 24 hours acknowledging just how wonderful our lovely feline friends really are. To help you do this, I've rounded up 14 amazing cat-inspired products to purchase as soon as is humanly possible. And trust me, once you see them, you'll be feeling exactly the same way. Guaranteed. (We crazy cat lovers all work the same way.)

If you have a cat (or if you just really, really love them), then you know how easily they can take over your life while still remaining totally (and purposely) aloof to whatever it is you are doing. That is kind of what makes them so amazing. They are not dogs. They are not pining for your attention, and because of that, you are basically pining for theirs 100 percent of the time. So to give you a little self-satisfaction, pick up one of these cat-inspired products for yourself, and then obviously spend the rest of the day pampering your disinterested but ridiculously cute cat with treats, cuddles, feathers, and love. The world needs to know how much you love your cat as much as your cat needs to knock over every glass, and rip up every nice piece of furniture in the house. Now that's true love, guys.

1. Cat Engraved Rolling Pin

Who isn't interested in a pie crust covered with cats? I know I definitely am.

Cat Engraved Rolling Pin, $22.99, HappyRollingPin/Etsy

2. Cat Wine Glass

Now a dog? That's a whole other story...

Cat Wine Glass, $10.25, MadOliveShop/Etsy

3. Cat Nail Decals

This is basically the best manicure you could possibly have, and your cat will agree.

Cat Nail Decals, $4.99, NorthofSalem/Etsy

4. Gold Faux Foil Cat Print

Simply adorable. Simply gorgeous. A must have.

Gold Faux Foil Cat Print, $7, ModPopDeco/Etsy

5. Show Me Your Kitties Mug

You don't have to ask me twice, or likely, any cat owner.

Show Me Your Kitties Mug, $13.95, MostToastyGoods/Etsy

6. Sterling Silver Cat Ring

Even if you're not a cat lover, you have to admit this ring is flawless.

Sterling Silver Cat Ring, $18.80, SilverLiningsByNoel/Etsy

7. Super Cute Cat Tights

Yes, yes, and yes again.

Super Cute Cat Tights, $38, virivee/Etsy

8. Peeking Black Cat Watercolor Painting

In fact, you need really any of Littlecatdraw's original animal paintings, but especially the cat ones.

Peeking Black Cat Watercolor Painting, $5, Littlecatdraw/Etsy

9. Lazy Cat Headphone Dust Plug

Simply amazing. I don't know how I didn't even know about these until now.

Lazy Cat Headphone Dust Plug, $4.48, MilanDIY/Etsy

10. IDGAF Cat Notebook

Because really... cat's don't give a f*ck.

IDGAF Cat Notebook, $5.52, ilikeCATSshop/Etsy

11. Animal Print Cat Ears

Ariana Grande should not be the only person wearing cat ears on a regular basis.

Animal Print Cat Ears, $5, Ulous/Etsy

12. Kitty Cat Clock

So that your life might always be on Kitten Standard Time.

Kitty Cat Clock, $34.99, iluxo/Etsy

13. Decorative Cat Art

I'm sorry, but how can you not love this cat?

Decorative Cat Art, $12, GoGoBookart/Etsy

14. Cat iPhone 6 Case

Hipster cat phone case? Don't mind if I do!

Cat iPhone 6 Case, $18.99, iDedeCase/Etsy