Get Kendall Jenner's "Airport Flow"

by Augusta Statz

Nobody likes being in the airport at 6:36 a.m. that’s for sure. Kendall Jenner has excellent airport style, despite the early wake-up call, and her latest airport Instagram photo captioned “airport flow” only proves it. She basically is all of us with her turtleneck pulled up to cover her face, so that’s definitely relatable. As far as her outfit goes, I don’t know about you, but I feel like I never look that good in an airport. So, my next goal is to cop her style, too, because I’ve already got the face covered, don’t want to be seen thing down pat.

Wearing a gray turtleneck and matching sweatpants, her getup isn’t hard to copy. I don’t know why my comfy outfits never seem to be this chic, so I’m just going to take notes from Jenner on this one. An oversized turtleneck pairs well with sweatpants that have a tapered leg. Note taken. To top off the outfit, she wore Adidas sneakers and carried a great weekender bag that was perfect for travel, of course. She’s no newbie to the jet-setting life, mind you.

Check out her travel-ready ensemble, and then shop similar pieces to get the look for yourself. I promise you, you’re going to want this major airport flow she’s got going on.

I've got my holiday travel gear sorted thanks to this OOTD.

Here's what you'll need to achieve her travel-style status:

1. A Gray Turtleneck

Fuzzy Turtleneck Sweater, $24.90, Forever 21

The bigger the neck, the easier to hide yourself with.

2. Comfy Gray Sweats

Sweat Pant With Contrast Tie, $32.25, ASOS Curve

Gray sweatpants with a fitted leg will give you the comfy-chic vibe.

3. Black & White Sneakers

Stan Smith White & Black Trainers, $111.07, ASOS

Sneakers are great to wear while walking around the airport.

4. A Weekender Bag

Drawn To You Weekender Bag, $68, Nasty Gal

A bag like this will carry all of the essentials and fit under the seat in front of you just fine. Perfect, right?

5. A Sunny Disposition

More bed, please.

Yep, if you've got all of these things — I think that pretty much means you've nailed her look.

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