Women Honestly Discuss Their Sexting Habits

India isn't the most progressive country when it comes to women's sexual rights, but these women discussing their sexting habits gives some sort of hope for future generations. Not that America is entirely progressive when it comes to women's reproductive rights, but consider that in India marital rape is still legal and homosexual acts are still illegal, and punishable by the law. So these women in Mumbai, speaking honestly and openly about their sexting habits, is something of a coup. Each woman is confident and unapologetic when asked questions by So Effin Cray's (an entertainment channel) host, and a lot of them will have you smiling with familiarity.

Sexting is really something that we take for granted in our culture. Sure, there are still taboos associated with it in the USA, but at the same time, this is a country where one woman built an empire on a sex tape. So for all the taboo, there's still a level of acceptance, at least generally, when it comes to female sexuality and sexting. I mean, I've never even thought twice about it or what people would think of me if they knew I did it. I just kind of always accepted that everyone was doing it because it's always been cool for me to talk about it (when I say always, I mean in the last five or so years since smart phones have found their way into everyone's pocket). Here are some of the best answers from the ladies of Mumbai about sexting (who all think, by the way, that sexting is a turn on):

1. What Is The Weirdest Sext You've Ever Received?

2. What's The Weirdest Sext You've Sent

3. Do You Engage In Sexting With A Random Guy Or With Your Boyfriend?

4. Do You Have A Message For The Indian Youth?

Watch the whole thing below:

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