9 Updos Perfect For Those With Short Hair

Short hair is great for those who want easy, effortless hairstyles. However, when it comes to styling an updo with short hair, you may be at a loss of what to do with less material to work with. It may seem like there is simply not enough hair to create something interesting and unique. However, the truth is that you couldn't be more wrong — there are plenty of ways to create an updo on short hair. You just need to know what you are working with. It's true that you might not have the longest of locks, but you shouldn't let that stop you from rocking a killer updo.

Updos are great for those who want a stress-free style. Think of updos as a way to "set it, and forget it" when it comes to your hair. With enough bobby pins and hairspray, your style won't be going anywhere. Also, don't think that having short hair limits you to your styling possibilities. Feel free to add as many braids or waves as you like to your updo. Your hair can totally handle it. So, whether you want an easy style for work or need to look fashion-forward at your next event, here are a few stylish updos that you can create with shorter hair.

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1. Messy Boho Bun

This classic hair style is gorgeous on girls with shorter hair. All you need is a few bobby pins, and a bit of hairspray to pull off this traditional look.

2. Feeling Knotty

Turn the traditional twist on it's head by adding two knots to the look. This hairstyle is simple, and super chic.

3. Milkmaid Mania

Add texture and volume to your traditional updo by adding braids. These thick braids look great with any hair texture.

4. The Princess Tuck

Hello, your highness. Feel like the princess you are with this romantic hair style.

5. Braided Bangs

Amp up any updo by braiding the front section of your hair. This easy, thick braid will add a sense of glamour and elegance to your hair style.

6. Be A Knockout

Need to be the belle of the ball? This hairdo will do the trick. It's simple, yet so sophisticated.

7. Voluminous Vixen

This vintage-inspired hair look is absolutely breathtaking, and perfect for any formal occasion. Standout in every photo with this gorgeous hair style.

8. Braided Beauty

Keep your hair out of your face by creating this lovely hairstyle. It'll keep your strands in place, and look amazing all day long.

9. Elegant Bun

This hairstyle is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated, formal look. This sleek bun is definitely an attention grabber.

Doing your hair just got a whole lot easier.