A New Glimpse At 'Doctor Who's Twelve

Aside from the stragglers out there we have all, for the most part, said goodbye to Matt Smith and his Eleventh Doctor. The day now belongs to Twelve, aka actor Peter Capaldi, and so eyes are honed in his direction, waiting to see if he'll cuss nearly as often as he has in past roles. Well, now we've got a behind-the-scenes pic of Doctor Who Season 8, including Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and all.

Sadly, we are still lacking in official stills of Doctor Who Season 8, but hey, it's something. Below you can witness Capaldi and Coleman presumably settling into the camaraderie to come — filming is happening between now and this August, so those two will be spending a lot of time together.

The image sees Capadli's Twelve still dressed in the costume Eleven left conveniently on his body, so it is yet to be seen what new costume Twelve will be calling his signature, or how different it will be from what we see below.

Here's what Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat said of Capaldi's performance in "The Time Of The Doctor":

He’s brilliant … he’s an extraordinarily vital and physical performer. People keep talking about this ‘elderly’ Doctor that we’ve cast … he leaps around the place probably more than any other Doctor in that first scene. But that’s not how he’s going to play it – that’s just him in post-regeneration madness. It’s something we’re still working on.

We've obviously still have some time until Capaldi's more official debut, but hey, getting to know a new Doctor is a cool experience all its own.

Images: Getty Images, BBC