You Can Almost Own Yeezy Season 1

A couple of Yeezy Seasons have come and gone, and the first one wasn’t even on sale — until now. Well, almost. Yeezy Season 1 goes on sale Oct. 29, and there’s an extra little treat since they’ve made us wait so long. That’s right, the full look book is available to view now, too. This day just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it.

Leave it to Kanye to make us wait this long, but judging by some of the pieces that will be available for purchase, well, it was all worth it. From cropped sleeveless sweatshirts to hooded jackets accented with fur, this collection is sure to keep you warm this winter, if you can afford it. As you could have probably guessed, nothing is under $100, according to Fashionista. We all knew Yeezy originals wouldn’t be cheap, though. You can snag a bra tank for $130, but it only goes up from there.

So, get out your wallet, folks. And start perusing the items you’ll hopefully be shopping tomorrow. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to be online as soon as the clothes become available. You don’t want all of the cheapest items to sell out before you get a chance to buy something! What? A girl’s gotta budget, and Yeezy’s not helping a girl out, you know?

How cool is this hooded jacket?

A tattered sweater is so Yeezy. I'm all about it.

This cropped sleeveless piece looks like it'd be perfect for layering.

Matching knitwear is super in. I'd like both of these, please. Plus, those exaggerated sleeves are amazing.

This bomber jacket is the perfect mix between street-style cool and soft and cuddly.

Checking my bank account now because I want one of everything. Shop these pieces and more on Adidas's website.

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Images: Courtesy Adidas (5)