How To Stay In Touch With Your Long Distance BFF

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when you are separated from your best friend/soulmate/person by thousands of miles, having a long distance friendship can drive you both insane. It happens after high school, and again after college, and then more frequently after that as people get new jobs and new partners, and their lives start to take them in generally different geographic directions. Just because there's distance between you, though, doesn't mean your friendship has to suffer. In fact, there are certain ways that having distance between you and a friend can actually strengthen your relationship.

My best friend lives in LA, and we are in constant contact, all day, every day. Most of the time, she knows more about what's going on in my life than my friends in the same city. We GChat and text all day long, and talk on the phone at least once a week— Monday afternoons when I'm walking home from school and she's out getting lunch. We both have to put effort in to be able to make it work, but because we both value the friendship so much, it's worth it.

Here are 11 easy things you can do to stay in touch with your long distance best friend — your bond will be stronger than ever.

1. Meet In The Middle

Is your friend within driving distance? Pick a city in the exact middle, and commit yourselves to having an adventure somewhere random. Even if you end up spending two days watching chick flicks together in hotel robes, it’s an awesome and inexpensive way to get a full weekend to catch up, without all the annoying travel time.

2. … Or Go Somewhere Amazing

What better excuse is there to go on an amazing vacation than to see your best friend? has a ton of deals on incredible trips. Plus, you only really need one room. Slumber party in Mexico? Sign me up.

3. Send Each Other Postcards

It’s may be old fashioned, but who doesn’t love getting mail? Especially because these days, it never happens. Take old photos of the two of you and turn them into postcards — it’s way more fun than posting a #TBT.

4. Pull A Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants

My roommate and I share a going out top (it’s both of our favorite) and we’ve agreed that if we ever move out we will have to share custody of the shirt, a la Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Find an article of clothing you both love and send it back and forth, just promise each other you’ll have a good story to tell (like when Blake Lively lost her virginity to the hot soccer coach?!) after you wear it.

5. Talk On The Phone. Seriously.

Texting/emailing/tweeting/Facebooking/Snapchatting (and whatever new technology I’m probably forgetting about) has made staying in touch so, so easy, which for the most part is amazing. Don’t overlook the benefit of a good, old fashioned phone call, though. Skyping counts, too.

6. Start A Book Club

This may sound nerdy, but finishing an amazing book and not having anyone to talk about it with is always kind of a let down. Start a book at the same time, and vow to have weekly check ins to talk about it. I suggest Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Koll for the inaugural novel.

7. Stalk Them On Find My Friends

Yeah, sure, it’s creepy. But it’s a good way to see what your friends doing on a Saturday night when she isn’t around to discuss book club.

8. Play Internet Games Together

Words With Friends, my personal favorite, allows you to play with friends and chat with them directly in the app.

9. Watch Your Favorite Shows Together

With Rabbit, you can video chat while watching Scandal on the same screen. Really, what else do you need?

10. Use SameSurf

Samesurf is a seriously cool website that lets you and a friend browse the web together. Since you can’t shop together in person, this is a great way to get each others opinions on whether you actually need the over-the-knee boots you're both lusting after.

11. Send Each Other Care Packages

My best friend from growing up still lives in Rhode Island and sends me coffee syrup all the time, because it’s the only place you can buy it. Figure out something your friend can’t get where they are (New Yorkers, I highly suggest the cake balls from Momofuku Milk Bar) and surprise them. Put in pictures and a nice letter, for good measure.

Have a long-distance best friend can be tough, but it's worth it to make an effort to keep the relationship alive.

Images: Giphy (11); Pexels