Drunk You Vs. Hungover You Is A Fight Nobody Wins

Let's talk about the constant battle of drunk you vs. hungover you. Drunk You: wants to do everything. Hungover You: wants to do nothing. Truly, the difference between the drunk and hangover sides of your personality make for a fascinating look at how complex — nay, beautiful — humans really are. If you've danced on tables only to be hiding under them the next day, you can relate to this new BuzzFeed Violet video, which looks at the choices you make while drunk contrasted with the choices you make while hungover.

Anyone who has ever had a drink (or two, or seven) can relate to this video. Drunk you thinks you're going to live forever; hungover you thinks you're dying. Drunk you: chugs beer. Hungover you: chugs water in front of the toilet. Drunk you: can't stop spending money. Hungover you: has absolutely zero money to spend and also somehow $200 in overdraft fees. And so on. Seriously, watch this video, as long as you're not drunk or hungover at the moment (which, it's Wednesday, girl, but I get it, no judgment); I have a feeling that seeing yourself reflected so plainly at either of the two extremes might make you want to vom (though, to be fair, when you're drunk or hungover, everything makes you want to throw up. It's the one thing they have in common!). Take a look:

My favorite part of the video? The equally inept versions of flirting while drunk or sober. Remember, kids, if Knocked Up taught us anything, it's that no good romantic decision happens under the influence of alcohol (wait, that was the message of Knocked Up, right?). Also, the fact that nachos are good pretty much regardless of whether or not you're drunk or hungover. I don't care how vegan you are; that's just a universal truth.