Gigi Hadid Goes Makeup-Free In Bed Selfie

It's not a stretch to imagine that supermodels just want to chill without any makeup and let their skin breathe while off duty. Gigi Hadid's no makeup selfie, taken while the the blonde fashion plate was lounging in bed and wearing a distressed gray tee decorated with tons of tiny holes, is as perfect as you'd think. The often body positive Hadid, who schooled all the haters and critics in an open letter Instagram post defending her body and career, was bare-faced and beautiful.

Overall, Hadid seemed to enjoy lounging around without a ton of product on her face and clogging her pores.

Hadid's blonde locks framed her face and it's as though her strands just fell around her face and stayed there. Her pout was plush and plump, but her makeup-free blue eyes were just bewitching.

While the bed selfie is a pretty much a social media staple anymore, it feels like we caught Hadid just as she woke up and without any posing or pretense. It's an unfettered shot that of course lets us see her natural beauty. Yes, she is just 20 years old, with youth on her side. But she's clearly taking care of her skin.

Ready to appreciate Hadid as is?

She looked so cozy and comfy while nestled under the covers. She noted that it was a rainy day and those are reason enough to stay holed up in bed... in a hole-y shirt.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's another, not-so-casual picture of Hadid with minimal makeup. No wonder she is one of the most sought-after models working today. She's stunning when she's a Plain Jane.

ICYMI, Hadid's body positive, text-only post from last month still resonates. It was such an empowering statement for her to make.

Hadid's eyes have it! Those individualized, doll-like lashes were something else and called further attention to her baby blues.

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Or you can take fabric scissors and snip little holes into the fabric and let them pull while you wear it.

Images: Gigi Hadid/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Forever 21 (1)