Survive Thanksgiving With This Drinking Game

by Dacy Knight

Many occasions call for a social lubricant, but Thanksgiving is one occasion in particular that demands a little something extra to take the edge off. As we gather round with family and loved ones — with some tiring over the turkey, and others asking you why you're still single or when you plan to have kids —sometimes what we really need is a Thanksgiving Drinking Game to pace (or promote) our intake and help us survive the day.

Chances are you'll be drinking anyway, partly because it's the socially acceptable thing to do, and partly because you're not about to let grandma outdrink you. So why not gather your favorite cousins and make a sport of it? A mouthwatering lineup of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green bean casserole means an unending flow of adult beverages to wash them down. Whatever your libation of choice, this game will keep you hydrated with a few guidelines to when to do a shot, and when to down your whole glass. Following the rules, even the more trying times of Turkey Day are a reason to throw back a highball, so your perspective for the evening will be decidedly brighter (and more buzzed). Now fill up your glass, and let the games begin.

Take a sip:

  • Anytime someone says "tryptophan"
  • Anytime someone mentions "Black Friday"
  • Anytime said someone tries to recruit you to join them on Black Friday
  • Every time someone takes a selfie
  • Take an extra sip if they're using a selfie stick
  • Every time someone asks if something is vegan or gluten-free
  • For every dietary restriction present
  • Every time an elder misunderstands a dietary restriction

Take one shot if:

  • A family member comments on how your appearance has changed
  • A family member comments on your dating life
  • They ask how your ex is doing
  • A family member straight up asks when you're having babies
  • Every time someone gives you unsolicited advice
  • Someone who's not cooking makes a comment about how the turkey should be cooked
  • There's a debate over whether the turkey is really done
  • Someone has to make a last-minute run to the store
  • That someone is you
  • Every 10 minutes the dinner start time is pushed back

Take two shots if:

  • Someone talks about how they're wearing their "eating pants"
  • Someone unbuttons their pants
  • Someone is drunker than they should be (excluding yourself)
  • There's a family quarrel
  • The quarrel is over who made a better side dish
  • Anyone brings out baby photos
  • Someone insists on watching football
  • Someone insists on playing football
  • Someone gets injured either watching or playing football

Down your whole drink if:

  • Someone falls asleep after dinner
  • Sleeping someone audibly snores
  • Carving the turkey gets made into a big show
  • You're forced to go around the room saying what you're thankful for
  • Someone tells the origin story of Thanksgiving
  • Someone thinks it's OK to play Christmas music
  • Someone thinks it's OK to play Christmas music, and it's "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

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Images: Dacy Knight, Giphy (7)