Twentysomethings Give Sex Advice To Their Siblings & We Should All Take Note — VIDEO

When I was a wee little sexually curious girl, I had to get my answers from the reproductive pages of an endangered species guide I stole from the town library ... assuming it couldn't be that different for humans. When watching these twentysomethings give sex advice to their younger siblings, I was awkwardly reminded of all the misconceptions that come along with not having a good source of information. Turns out the Rosy Wolfsnail has a slightly different reproductive method than us humans. Go figure.

But what's maybe most poignant in these videos is the type of advice that comes from someone who loves you. Siblings are going to give different advice than a health teacher. There's no judgement when it's coming from a sibling and it's coming from a place of honesty resulting from trial and error. Your health teacher isn't going to sit you down and tell you about the time he accidentally used coconut oil as lube or the time he learned the hard way that a threesome can be emotionally trying and sometimes less than sexy.

It's also fun to think about what you might tell your real or imaginary sibling now. What stands out to you as share-worthy? What lessons did you learn the hard way? What advice do you feel qualified to give? In what way can you be encouraging? What do you wish someone told you? How can you prevent someone from embarrassment? Here are some of my favorite highlights from the video:

Your first time

The first time is never as magical as movies make it out to be. It can hurt, it can be awkward, but most importantly, you have nothing to compare it to, so you don't know what to think of it.

It's not always great

Listen, sometimes it doesn't go well. But if you're with the right person, you can laugh it off together and try again. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about what happens in bed. There are a lot of variables.

It can be gross

With so many things to focus on, it can be hard to make it romantic. You'll need a bit of practice, learning the choreography before you can start to play Romeo & Juliet.

Don't put a lot of pressure on it

Sure it can be great and magical and mind blowing, but it's just sex. It's just something that we do. It's something that we're made to do. So just trust that you'll figure it out and it won't be a big deal, once you get used to it.

Don't just a book by its cover

Don't judge your partner's ability in bed by their personality and be prepared to be surprised. Some people behave completely differently in bed than they do it their public lives. Feel free to do the same.

For more advice, watch the full video here:

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