7 Easy Halloween Costumes With Black Dresses — PHOTOS

Not to freak you out if you don't have any sort of costume strategy yet, but Halloween is literally this Saturday. Luckily, if you've got a little black dress in your closet, you're well on your way to creating one of the seven easy Halloween costumes with black dresses I've rounded up! Time to lockdown that Halloween costume once and for all and stop stressing out.

And hey, if you don't happen to own a little black dress, dropping some cash on one that you really, really like for one of the costumes below is a worthwhile investment. Cliches exist for a reason, and a little black dress is a wardrobe staple you will wear over and over again. You can rock an LBD for date nights, work, and heck, even opt for a black dress at a wedding to look chic and timeless.

Whether your costume style is classic Halloween gore like vampires and zombies or a little less traditional, an LBD is all you need to build a creative and fun Halloween costume. Accessories will determine the overall vibe of your look, so you really have a ton of wiggle room and flexibility. Go forth and conquer Halloween with that little black dress!

Here are seven costumes to make with your favorite black dress:

1. Zombie Bride

Pop on your black dress, follow the super simple zombie makeup tutorial above, and buy a cheap wedding veil online to instantly create a super cool zombie bride costume.

2. Sexy Black Cat

After putting on your black dress, pin a black sock to your lower back (presumably where a tail would be), and put on a cat ear headband. Then check out the tutorial above to finish the look using black eyeliner to create whiskers and, of course, the perfect cat eye.

3. Vampire

Another breeze of a costume, a black dress is hands down the most obvious outfit choice. The short tutorial above shows you how to create totally on fleeeeek fangs to create the full look.

4. Audrey Hepburn

Craft your hair like the vid above and pop on a pearl necklace to instantly turn yourself into the goddess of chic herself.

5. Scary Doll

Add a pair of knee socks and some spooky sexy doll makeup like the look in this simple tutorial, and your Halloween costume is done.

6. Witch

This is perhaps the most obvious of them all, but for good reason! Create a dramatic makeup look, add a witch hat, and voila — classic favorite of the night!

7. Mime

Follow the easy face makeup tutorial above (you could even just use baby powder and black liner!), layer a striped shirt under your dress, and there you go. Add a beret if you have one!

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