Trumpkin, The Donald Trump Pumpkin, Just Put All Other Halloween DIYs To Shame — PHOTOS

Sometimes, the stories that end up going viral are complete mysteries to me — like, I still don't really understand how a bad photo of #TheDress could capture the attention of all of America. The Donald Trump pumpkin, however, is not one of those times. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should know that this is a viral event that is good and right and just. Apparently, Donald Trump's fame has finally culminated into something that we can all celebrate. Check out this giant, 374-pound pumpkin that one woman turned into — pun alert — a "Trumpkin."

A Trumpkin!

Jeanette Paras, the Ohioan behind the Trumpkin, has long "pumpkinized" political and celebrity figures each year for Halloween. “I pumpkinize whoever is visible in the national media,” she told USA TODAY Network. “Characters with distinguishing characteristics make it even more fun.” In the past, she's painted Barack Obama, Kim Jong-Un, George W. Bush, Tom Cruise, and Prince Harry as pumpkins. This year, though, she may have outdone herself. Though she says the pumpkin is not a political statement, the presentation of the pumpkin (which includes a blonde wig) is a little, well ... not-so-flattering. (Oops!) There's even, by the way, a campaign sign on her lawn leading up to the Trumpkin that says "Make Pumpkins Great Again."

Take a look at the Trumpkin for yourself:

Apparently, the Trumpkin took Paras 10 hours to complete, which is somehow less time than it took Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, despite the fact that this is objectively better than a bunch of angels peeping as God reaches toward Adam. It even comes with a heartwarming backstory: apparently, according to The Today Show, Paras credits the pumpkinization of Trump with helping her recover after she underwent nine hours of surgery for breast cancer, which might be the best thing Trump has done his entire campaign.

You can follow Paras' Facebook page if you want to see some of her past and future pumpkin creations, or just pay attention to the news cycle every October, when they are sure to have at least one news cycle decidedly on lock.