The Most Popular Halloween Candy In America, Revealed

America voted, and the results are in. We now know the resounding favorite Halloween candy, and you can breathe easy, because America got it oh-so right. According to a survey by Yahoo Food, the most popular Halloween candy in America is the crown-shaped crown jewel of your pumpkin-shaped candy bucket — the peanut butter cup. Somebody cue "The Star-Spangled Banner," because we're about to proudly hail this peanut buttery, chocolatey union until Guy Fawkes Day.

The marriage of peanut butter and chocolate is what some (and by some, I mean me) might call a religious experience. It's the best, and that's all there is to be said about that. So, when I come trick-or-treating at your house — after you get done asking me why a 27-year-old woman is trick-or-treating with a dog dressed up as James Bond — you better fork over the Reese's, because that, my friend, will be your answer. Just give me the candy.

America also spoke loud and clear about what it never want to see again in its Halloween loot. Licorice and raisins topped that list. I must have blocked that part of my childhood, because I don't remember seeing much licorice or any raisins at all on Halloween. I mean, raisins?! Really? That's definitely not candy. Raisins smell like a room full of well-worn shoes in the summertime. They are, objectively speaking, the worst.

But whatever your favorite candies are, if you have little ones who will be trick-or-treating this year, you can rest easy knowing that a whopping 68 percent of parents responded that they planned on poaching candy from their kids' stash... meaning you aren't alone in your mission. My dad always took my 3 Musketeers as what I can only assume was primitive kid-currency for more than a decade of room and board. My dogs have yet to bring me any candy, but one of them did find $40 in the street once, so that's something.

Check out the infographic to see if your favorite candy made the cut, and read all of the ghoulish survey findings at Yahoo Food.

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Images: pleeker/Flickr; Yahoo Food