The Polar Vortex Of 2014: The Best Of The Internet On #PolarVortex Day

On Tuesday, it was so friggin' cold outside that our activities were pretty limited. But this is 'Murica, so we did post a ton of social media — and amongst the feeds filled with weather forecast screenshots and cold-gear selfies, some posts really made their mark.

One Wisconsin meteorologist started early, sparking a trend on Monday when he posted a video of boiling water turning to snow in the air.

Eric Holthaus on YouTube

Thousands of people tried it for themselves. Even Vanessa Hudgens got in the act!

Vanessa Hudgens on YouTube

A lot of people disagreed about what a "Polar Vortex" sounded like.

And some just couldn't decide.

But eventually, we were like...

Twitter user @pmarshwx had posted it to start a #polarvortexmemecompetition, which continued over the course of the day.

But nothing beats this Instagram, reposted by @danny_v_ from @lapinbrun:

If only he'd had a coat like this dog did today.

Images: Getty Images; @danny_v_; @mitchgroder; @lethalliz/Instagram