7 Beauty Hacks For Windy Weather

by Lindsey Rose Black

I personally think the hardest part of winter isn't so much the cold, but the biting, freezing winds that occasionally sweep through Manhattan. Hiding behind a building still won't shield you, but these essential beauty hacks for windy weather mean at least you can look good while you're freezing your ass off. Good luck trying to stay warm! At least you'll look beautiful.

My worst windy weather day memory was in Brooklyn this past January. My friend had her birthday at this cute little bar in an area where, unfortunately, the trains are notorious for being unreliable. When everyone left to head back home, I discovered the train to Manhattan WAS NOT RUNNING. Oh my gah y'all, I ended up having to walk two miles to a different train line in windy 11 degree weather. Hair was in my face and stuck to lipstick, I couldn't feel my hands, and my foundation turned into this gross powdery streak texture. After this experience, I'm convinced hell is covered in ice and not fire.

Since I'm a little older and wiser this year, I decided to take some time to figure out the best ways to tweak my beauty routine for windy weather. Godspeed if you live somewhere with fierce winter winds, too!

Here are seven beauty hacks to battle fall's windy conditions.

1. BB Cream

Urban Decay BB Cream, $14, Sephora

Swapping out a powder foundation for something lighter and cream-based means you won't end up with weird caking after trekking through the blustery winds.

2. Spread Out Shampooing

Prevention suggests not shampooing every day, since wind can strip your hair of its natural oils and you don't want to cause it to be even more dry every time you shower!

3. Exfoliate

Pumpkin Oatmeal Glow, $18, Bambu Earth

Keep your skin silky smooth with a gentle exfoliator several times a week so dry skin patches don't build up, Conde Nast Traveler advises.

4. Silkening Serum

Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum, $13, Amazon

To ward off the inevitable tangles from wind, Conde Nast Traveler advises running a softening serum through your hair before securing into a low ponytail.

5. Shorter Showers

Another Prevention tip: Avoid long, hot showers since those plus windy weather will dry out your skin.

6. Air Dry Your Hair When Possible

Heat tools will promote frizz, and frizz plus wind just sounds like chaos. Natural Beauty Tips suggests trying to air dry your hair whenever you have time to keep your hair looking soft and staying healthy.

7. Water, Water, Water

The simplest hack is often the most crucial, and nothing matters more in windy, dry weather than drinking enough water so your skin stays hydrated. Even though it's cold, force yourself to take some sips!

Image Credit: Monik Markus, Steven Depolo, Anais Gomez-C, /Flickr; Unsplash; Courtesy of Brands