Stop Telling Chrissy Teigen What To Eat

Chrissy Teigen is quickly becoming the hilarious hero mothers-to-be never knew they needed. Not long after the pregnant model told baby bump shamers to "get out of my uterus," Chrissy Teigen hit back against more critics who (surprise, surprise) are trying to tell her what she should do with her own body, specifically when it comes to what she should eat. It started with a seemingly innocuous picture of Cap'n Crunch and Fruity Pebbles cereal mixed in the same bowl. The 29-year-old posted a snap of childhood dreams come true on her Instagram with the caption, "Cap'n Pebbles cravings, nightly." Not long after she shared the picture, many followers began criticizing her in the comments about her food choice, with one commenter saying, "Don't feed your baby that dyed crap." The shame-y advice caused Teigen to respond with an epic Twitter rant against the "unsolicited" comments, a tirade that included mentions of her plans to dye tuna fish and fight in a rented sumo wrestler costume, among other things.

It is really amazing that she is taking a stand against mothers-to-be being told what they should do with their own bodies. And what makes it even more amazing is that she does it in the most Chrissy Teigen way possible.

As we all know, it is a relatively common occurrence for a pregnant woman (or any woman, really, but especially a pregnant woman) to be offered advice she didn't ask for on what to do with her body. From advice on what to eat to what to wear to how to manage activity, expecting mothers are constantly bombarded with unsolicited opinions. And while some of this unsolicited advice is well-intentioned, it can come off as very shameful, like the remarks about what the Sports Illustrated alum is choosing to put in her body while pregnant. They seem to imply that Teigen cannot make choices for herself, which is really insulting. It really is her business alone what she decided to eat. That's why her taking a stand against comments about her food choices, not to mention her baby bump size, are important.

It is also important that she took on these critics in the most Chrissy Teigen way she possibly could. I mean, take a look back at the rant. It has sarcasm, curse words, and sumo wrestlers for crying out loud. It's Teigen style to a T, so of course it is hilarious. But all chuckles aside, it signifies that she is maintaining her sense of self and identity despite the criticism. She shows that carrying a little human does not prevent her from having her own thoughts — and her own agency to act on those thoughts. And nobody can take that away from her.