Oops! Diane Kruger Had A Total Beauty Mishap

Oops! Sometimes updating or even maintaining your hair color is a task that is best left to the professionals. Diane Kruger dyed her hair orange but it turned out to be a total accident. The stylish German actress didn't intend to rock orange-tinted locks. It was just the result of home dye job gone wrong and which took multiple processes to correct. Yikes!

At first, it was reported that Kruger had opted to go strawberry bronde, which is an increasingly popular choice among blondes. Nope. Totally not the case. She merely endured the emotionally distressing bad dye job.

An eagle-eyed Allure correspondent pointed out that the normally golden-locked actress was rocking a decidedly less blonde and more citrus-y hue at an event. It wasn't a coif color change for a role, either. That would have been a sensible assumption. However, Kruger's situation might serve as a "Buyer beware!" cautionary tale when you are considering doing a quick touch-up in between salon visits.

Kruger told Allure, "I hadn't colored my hair in six months, and I had been away working for two months. I'm in New York, and it looked a little dull, so I just thought, 'I'll go to CVS and buy a gloss.'"

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who hasn't had that same exact thought or acted similarly? I know when my roots start to fade, they drive me nuts. I've done a quick fix via a drugstore product here and there and the result was fine..

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But Kruger had the opposite, undesirable reaction that wound up doing more harm than good.

She finished, "Only it turned my hair a dark mud brown. I called anybody that I know in New York who could help me. Serge Normant literally saved me this morning. And now it's still slightly red, but it's getting better."

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Mud brown? Argh! While the strawberry bronde is fine, the corrective process has been time-consuming for Kruger, who told the mag, "I have to keep going back. The woman at the salon who is helping me said it's going to take three visits."

Whoa! Three visits to correct a home color gloss that was meant to be a touchup? Jeez! That's a bit excessive. It will certainly make me think twice before grabbing the box of dye or even a gloss instead of calling my ace colorist Rosa.

If you find yourself with a problem similar to Kruger's, you don't always have to go with a color dye or a gloss. You have some serviceable options. Rita Hazan offers root touch up sprays, dubbed "Root Concealers," which spray on, cover pesky grays, and are a bit pricier. But they are a better option that time-eating, repeat, and expensive visits to the salon for a repair job. ($25,

If it's shine you crave in between visits to a colorist, Moroccanoil's Light formula is divine. It smells delish, like a warm and sunny day at the beach. A tiny dollop will give your hair a glossy boost. ($44,

Both alternatives will lead to less stress on your strands and your wallet. I am sure plenty of box dyes do the trick for lots of women. But you still need to proceed with caution.

Think twice about your base and your options before you decide to do a home color.

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