How Kylie Jenner Wears Leggings Vs. How A Normal Woman Wears Leggings

I'm a firm believer that leggings season is the best season. It's the magical time of the year when everything get comfy and cozy. Even famous celebrities can hop on board! Kylie Jenner wore a pair of skin-tight leggings for a not-so-basic fall outfit. Because when Jenner steps out in a trend, she makes it her own. I, however, tend to have a less "high fashion" interpretation of the leggings look.

While your typical fall outfit might include scarves, sweaters, and some sort of hot Starbucks drink in hand, Jenner is anything but ordinary. The star stepped out in a fall look with a sexy, sporty twist. Instead of rocking plain black leggings under an oversized shirt or dress, she wore high-waisted black and white Dead Sports leggings with a long-sleeved crop top that made the look fresh, interesting, and unexpected.

Her outfit was definitely on-point, but it was her accessories that really made her stand out. She completed her sporty outfit with glam extras: a Moschino bag, a rose gold and diamond watch, and a Vianel Lizard iPhone case. Oh, and there were also her $700 sneakers. This girl knows how to combine all her favorite styles into one trendy look, and to that I salute her! However, I think I'll still stick with my super cozy fall style.

The Outfit: Kylie's Version

Like I said, this girl doesn't disappoint when it comes to style. She managed pair a designer bag with a sporty crop top and Dead Sports Training Tights.

The Outfit: My Version

Well, folks, this is about the opposite of Jenner's look. I wore a pair of simple black leggings, brown boots, and an oversize long-sleeved t-shirt to have some fun at the pumpkin patch. I can only imagine that Jenner would be disappointed.

The Hair: Kylie's Version

She traded in her short blunt cut for the long green wig that we all know and love. She hid some of it underneath her white cap, but there was no missing her colorful hair, which popped against her minimalist color scheme.

The Hair: My Version

It was cold and windy, so I decided to leave my hair straight and let Mother Nature decide how she wanted it to look. She picked mainly straight with some wind-blown ends.

The Bag: Kylie's Version

Jenner doesn't leave the house without a flawless bag, and this time was no exception. She rocked the heck out of this Moschino quilted leather bag that somewhat resembled a classic Chanel.

(Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag, Moschino, $1,195)

The Bag: Kylie's Version

This bag is so old that they don't even have it on the Fossil site anymore. The purple cross-body is my trusty go-to.

(Purple Crossbody, Fossil)

The Accessories: Kylie's Version

Where do I even begin? She wore so many accessories, but somehow they all completely worked. From her rose gold and diamond watch that, according to Amazon, is worth over $40,000 to her designer iPhone case, the star had some serious style.

The Accessories: My Version

Unlike Jenner, I kept it simple with a big warm scarf and some cute Alex & Ani bracelets. No thousand dollar watches here.

The Makeup: Kylie's Version

Jenner didn't rock her signature lipstick, but she did opt for a heavily lined eye. Although you couldn't see much makeup behind her oversized shades, this selfie proves that her look was once again on-point.

The Makeup: My Version

Honestly, I only wore a little bit of foundation and liner for my day out. It was early morning when I left for the pumpkin patch and I was in no mood to deal with makeup.

The Shoes: Kylie's Version

It doesn't get more fabulous than this. The stylish teen wore a $700 pair of Supreme x Air Jordan sneakers to complete her athleisure ensemble.

(Air Jordan 5 Supreme, Nike, $700)

The Shoes: My Version

My old, trusty boots are no longer available in-store or online. I guess that sort of makes them vintage?

As you can tell, Jenner is not your typical teen. I, on the other hand, am about as average as it gets.

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