Girl Texts Ex With Adele Lyrics & Wins The Praise Of The Entire Internet

You may have joked that Adele's newest release "Hello" incited all of your tears and temptations to contact an ex or two, but thanks to the Internet, we found the girl who legitimately texted her ex with Adele lyrics, word for word. Like any great post-breakup story, the Internet went wild.

The woman who posted these is proof that sometimes our dreams come true in the most unexpected ways (and that there's always something to be gained from a personal loss). In this case, it was a practical joke in which she decided to just speak to her ex using bits and pieces of Adele's newest single. The photos have made the rounds all over the Internet, fueled by her epic sass and this universe's endless love for anything Adele.

Granted, the ex in question is probably not thrilled he fell for the exchange, and despite thinking she was drunk, he didn't realize what was going on — and at one point, seemed legitimately concerned whether or not she was OK. (That's what everybody thinks when they listen to that song, it's fine.) Speaking of: the last time Adele released a colorless, emotion-packed video, it all but crowned her the queen of the breakup anthem (don't deny that you cried to "Someone Like You" more than once). If this is any indication, she's on to greater things, namely: helping this girl epically win her breakup.


While all of this is next level fantastic, truthfully, it's that last line that kills the game. This girl is our idol for more reasons than one.