Do This When You Don't Have Time To Shower

When you're running late, sometimes standard beauty rituals have to be sacrificed. At the top of the list? A shower, unfortunately. However, if you ever don't have time to rinse off in the morning, do not skip the one thing to do when you don't have time to shower! With this easy hack, no one will ever notice.

The most obvious give-away you skipped a shower is your hair. That's why the one thing to do if you have to forgo a shower is invest in a little dry shampoo to add volume and reduce the obvious oil at your roots. It's fast, cheap, and super effective.

Of course, all things in moderation. It's not wise to use dry shampoo every day, as it can actually cause bald patches in rare instances! But as long as you're opting for a dry shampoo with ingredients that won't wreck your scalp and not depending on it every day, you should be completely fine. I try to always use all natural dry shampoos since my skin is really sensitive, and I've found some really good ones listed below!

If you're a dry shampoo newb or are still confused as to how you should be applying this miracle product, don't worry. Here's a mini-lesson on how to use dry shampoo correctly: I have the best volumizing success by flipping my hair upside down to spray the roots, rubbing through with my fingers, and then flipping my hair back over my shoulders. I'll spritz a little more around my part and rub it in for just a touch extra oil-reduction. Voila.

Here are my go-to dry shampoos that will transform your hair to dirty and oily to fresh, clean, and volumized.

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo

(Dry Shampoo, $9, Klorane)

This one's enriched with oat milk and smells so good.

2. Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder

(Dry Shampoo Powder, $12, One Love Organics)

A mix of organic rice starch and bamboo extract is the secret to this awesome powder. #Favorite

3. Detox Dry Shampoo

(Detox Shampoo, $13, DryBar)

This one never, ever leaves residue and is really reliable pick!

Image Credit: Micadew/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands