A New 'X-Files' Poster Is Here To Freak You Out

Since I was younger, I have always been fascinated with the supernatural and unexplained, meaning that Fox Mulder was always my role model. I would sneak in episodes of The X-Files, which my parents deemed "too scary," but that didn't stop me from coming up with my own imaginative investigations into the unknown. Since the announcement of the X-Files reboot coming on January 24, I have been eagerly awaiting any hints and teasers that would show us where the series could possibly pick up, 13 years after its original finale. In the newest X-Files revival promo, it looks like Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are still struggling with finding the balance between being a skeptic and a true believer.

The voiceover begins with Mulder asking viewers to ask ourselves if we are alone or being lied to, and I can feel my emotions welling up because I've missed those words, oh so much. A few dramatic cuts and scenes later and we meet Agent Dana Scully once again, telling Mulder, "This is dangerous," while a confident Mulder replies, "When has that ever stopped us?" Ummm, I love this because it's so true, and they're going to be back to their old antics.

With only six episodes in the reboot, there is going to be a whole lot to cover. We do know that some of the shows' iconic characters like Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man will be coming back to the cast, but the one thing that I am still coping with is the status of Mulder and Scully's romantic relationship.

While it definitely seems that their working chemistry will be the same, E! News reported that Mulder and Scully will be broken up in the reboot. While I, and millions of fans, mourned, we still can't be sure that they won't reunite romantically. And just seeing their characters back together on the screen with their one-of-a-kind dynamic is enough for me.

Fox also teased viewers with a new promo poster for the reboot, which seems to be an x-ray of a cracked alien skull, with the ever-iconic tagline, "I Want To Believe." The X-Files is almost back, y'all!

Images: Fox