7 Best Opaque Tights For Fall & Winter

Farewell to the days of booty shorts and mini skirts, my legs are about to get pale AF while I brace for winter in Manhattan. On top of paleness, shaving has officially become less of a priority and thanks to these seven opaque tights for winter, I can dodge shaving for as long as possible. Dear Santa: These are definitely all on my Christmas wish list. Bonus points for the fact they don't just look cute, but are also super toasty and comfy!

My legs are basically a meteorologist, as their level of hairiness directly equates to the weather forecast. I'm also freshly single (and ready to mingle?), so that plus cold winter weather means my shaving motivation is more or less in the negatives. When I'm not in the warm and snuggly winter jeans mood to hide my lustrous leg locks, opaque tights are definitely the go-to!

I love opaque tights because of how versatile they are. You can layer them under a dress for a perfect winter outfit, pair them with booty shorts to rock summer clothes in winter, and even get away with just throwing on a giant oversized sweater over them and calling it a day. Add a pair of cute snow boots and you're good to go!

Here are seven of the best opaque tights that will help keep you warm once the temperatures start to drop.

1. Opaque Shimmer

Shimmer Opaque Pantyhose, $8, American Apparel

Just a kiss of whimsical sparkle.

2. Everyday Opaque Tights

Opaque Tights, $15, Nordstrom

In a variety of neutral shades, these are the perfect opaque tights to rock nonstop this season.

3. Winter White

Denier Tights, $11, ASOS

Reach for these to create the coolest monochromatic white outfit ever.

4. Pro Hyperwarm Tight

Hyperwarm Tight, $98, Urban Outfitters

Wear these to the gym and your coffee date after!

5. Bright Plaid Tights

Plaid Tights, $7, ASOS

YASSSS these exist. Can't even handle.

6. Super Opaque Tights

Opaque Tight, $25, American Apparel

Indecisive when it comes to colors? This style is made in tons of different shades.

7. Faux Fur Lined Footed Tights

Lined Footed Tights, $18, Urban Outfitters

ALLLL the warm fuzzies.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands