11 Reasons To Throw A Puppy Shower

by Dasha Fayvinova

Ever since my beloved dog Julie passed away in high school, I've wanted to get another dog. I've been realistic about not taking on the responsibility until I was ready. I wanted to be out of school, living on my own with a park near by, have some money to pay for the puppy in case of an emergency, and have a job where I can bring the dog with me. Ever since I've started working from home, everything has come together. I've decided that as a birthday gift to myself I would rescue a dog this February.

I realized that even though I have enough money to get a dog, and take care of it, I 100 percent did not have enough money to buy this dog really cool stuff like expensive toys and products. Then my roommate had a brilliant idea — why not throw a "Puppy Shower"? If humans can do it with babies in order to afford all the stuff babies need, can't a Millennial dog owner do the same? I figured that my friends would be excited to both meet the new addition to my family as well as get me a few gifts to lessen the burden of such a cute little dog.

I've already started planning the puppy shower, and decided to create this handy list for anyone else who is in the market. It's a little overwhelming but unlike a baby, this shower is smaller, less expensive and no relative is going to be mad if you forget to invite them. PLUS, you get to ask your friends to bring their dogs too! This way your puppy can start to socialize and at the same time, get tons of new fun stuff to play with after. I cannot wait until February, and this way, my friends can't either!

Without further ado, here in my list of things you should expect when throwing a puppy shower:

1. Happiness

The first thing that will happen is that you will feel a sense of happiness wash over the event-taking place. How many times in your life can you have a shower for a puppy?!

2. Puppies

Depending on how many puppies you will be having, prepare yourself for the mega-cuteness that is PUPPIES. Also, you need to prepare yourself for all the amazing puppies/dogs your friends are going to bring.

3. Invitations

This a place to get creative. There are hundreds of sites online where you can design and send out invitations. You can obviously do it by hand, but who knows anyone's address these days?! Also, you know... trees.

4. Decorations

Bone-shaped streamers. Dog-themed place settings. Dog bowls for the dogs. The combinations are endless.

5. Human Snacks

Not all the treats of the day have to be for the doggies. Treat yourself to a few doggie inspired cupcakes.

6. Dog Snacks

Now this is where you can go hammmmm. Dog bones, dog treats, and dog snacks. All can be found a local pet store or a fancy specialty place, depending on your budget. You can do it. I have total faith in you!

7. Human Games

Is the above image my idea of a human game? Maybe. You can always opt for the typical Pictionary or dog themed board game.

8. Dog Games

The best part about puppies and dogs in general is that you never have to come up with dog games for them to do. Dogs are pretty good at playing with each other. Just grab a play pen and have at it!

9. Gifts

This is the reason why you had a puppy shower in the first place. Get ready for everything you need to be presented to you. There are millions of gifts to choose from. MILLIONS.

10. Puppy Favors

Aren't these the cutest?! You can buy them or hand make them for all your friends who came out. This way, they can leave with a little gift themselves.

11. Social Media Game On Point

Time to post pictures of the events and watch the internet explode with cuteness. You need to have a correct hashtag and make sure your Facebook group sees pics of the whole party!

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