Is Charlie Sheen #Winning Again?

Over the past week, Charlie Sheen has begun to make headlines once again and yes, you guessed it, over a Twitter debacle. Not that Charlie Sheen is any stranger to outbursts or feuds, but this is bringing us back to his #winning and tiger blood drinking days of yore and we're, quite frankly, not into it. Besides, what is WITH celebrities and Twitter lately? Settle down, people! The troubled star alleged that he married his equally-risque girlfriend, porn star Brett Rossi. If you can decode Sheen's bewildering riddle, he asserts that this tweet should get the rumor "mil" turning. I suppose he was right about that, but there’s something about writing a tweet just to have gossip surround you that is well, desperate. Though, Sheen’s moves are quite often calculated regardless of their audaciousness. It appears to be that once Sheen notices he’s disappeared from the radar he makes a blip just large enough to make his presence known. We think that Tropical Storm Sheen may be gathering wind in his anticipation to wreak havoc on Hollywood and his costars once more. His first target is perhaps the most obvious, the man who has taken his place, actor Ashton Kutcher.

He called out Ashton Kutcher and demanded that he "quit barfing" all over Two and a Half Men , clearly still not quite over the fact that the younger man replaced him on his former Emmy-Award Winning sitcom. Sheen goes on to assert that his tweet is much like Ashton's Punk'd shenanigans, asking the actor how he feels to be on the receiving end. We're not quite sure that Sheen knows what being punk'd is...

Sheen wasn't satisfied with only blabbing about Kutcher. He so eloquently gave a Twitter shout out to his ex-costar, Jon Cryer. Poor Jon Cryer, hasn't he had enough of Sheen's antics over the past few years? The tweet goes on to backhandedly apologize for insulting Cryer's "sidekik," and that what he meant to call him was "REALLY lame." Ouch, Charlie! That really hurt. But seriously, Charlie has become like a jealous ex-boyfriend. It's time for him to accept that Cryer has found someone new so he can delete his number and move on.


Image: Getty Images