What Questions 'New Girl' Needs to Answer

So Tuesday's episode of New Girl follows Jess making a decision between two jobs. And, like "Virgins," we've been promised some great flashbacks of our favorite roommates. But, unlike everyone's story of losing their V-card, tonight's episode can answer some serious questions about how these people became the weirdos we know (through the magic of television) and love today. Questions like:

What is Up with Winston's Hair?

Look at it. Look at that picture. What the hell is going on there? It looks like Sisqo threw up on Winston. Okay, maybe that's not the most important thing in this episode. But we seriously need to spend some time with Winston. Sure, we've found out some of his adorable (excuse me, adorkable) quirks in the last couple seasons, but the poor guy has had no major plotlines other than a couple episodes about his job and some barely-there girlfriends. Hopefully, this episode has a healthy serving of Winston for us.

What is Coach's Deal?

It's been pretty weird, having Coach leave and then come back to the show. Despite the fact that he was there before Winston, we still don't know very much about him, other than that he's a fitness trainer and he likes Cece. Since this episode is full of flashbacks, maybe we can get some insight into the weird things that make Coach, Coach.

Why Did Nick Leave Law School?

Nick, Nick, Nick. Such a loveable curmudgeon with such unfulfilled potential. Since tonight's episode is about career paths and we still have no idea why Nick never finished law school, it would be pretty surprising if tonight's episode ended without an answer to this question. Also, it will be nice to see Nick portrayed as something other than a hopeless idiot.

Why Might Jess Switch Jobs?

The subject of tonight's episode seems a little unexpected. Jess seems to be enjoying her current job and seems to be a natural teacher — so what other job prospect is swaying her and why? Wasn't all this business resolved after Jess tried being a shot girl?

When Did Schmidt Become a Douchebag?

We've seen Fat Schmidt before (and yes, we get it New Girl, you think fat jokes are hilarious). But there's a lot more that's different about that Schmidt than just his weight. He seems more vulnerable, more caring, more willing to be goofy. When did that change, and why?

Image: Getty Images