No Herpes for Humphries?

Kardashians and basketball and herpes, oh my! Kris Humphries hasn't exactly had an easy last few years, but perhaps 2014 will be the time where things finally start looking up. If you recall, Humphries was involved in a 2012 lawsuit for sexual battery with a woman who alleged that he gave her herpes after they had semi-unprotected sex in 2010. Humphries has vehemently denied that he has herpes and has even provided medical documentation to back up his claim. Notably, despite his protestations and the medical evidence, it was not enough for her to end the suit and he is still in the midst of fighting it two years later. The latest development in this herpes fiasco may veritably be good news for him. Apparently, the woman who is suing him, Kayla Goldberg, has had so many sexual partners that it is nearly impossible to prove that the Celtics forward was the one to give her the disease.

Humphries' lawyers assert that Goldberg revealed during a deposition that she does not have concrete evidence to prove that Humphries is the culprit. Understandably, Humphries wants this nightmare of a scandal to end and is calling for the lawsuit to be thrown out.

Image: Getty Images