Ariana Grande Was Almost Hit By A Flying Phone While On-Stage, But How She Handled The Situation Deserves Applause — VIDEO

This situation could have been dangerous, but I've gotta hand it to Ariana Grande — she handled it with a ton of grace when she totally didn't need to. To celebrate the arrival of her latest hit, Grande took the iHeartRadio stage for her iHeartRadio Concert in front of a select hundreds of her fans. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the nearly dangerous when, according to E! News, the Grande was almost hit by a flying phone while on stage.

This isn't the first time that an over-excited fan has taken to throwing items on stage at their favorite performer. Justin Bieber had a water bottle thrown at him when he was on stage in 2013, something that, like Grande having a phone thrown at her, could have seriously injured him. Thankfully, though, both stars are OK after their respective incidents.

Back to Grande, though. The incident took place when the singer took to the iHeartRadio stage to perform her new single "Focus," for the first time in a Halloween-themed performance. She rocked a black stitch on her face, a black corset, and tons of skeleton-dressed back-up dancers, and she even revealed that the mysterious man behind the backing track on "Focus" is none other than Jamie Foxx. In between performances, while chatting with the host (who took it upon himself to dress up as Dracula) about her new single and album on the way, a fan reportedly tossed a phone on stage. As it flew in between Grande and the host, a fan caught the whole thing on video and posted it to Twitter.

As you can see above, Grande handled what could have been a very sticky situation with the utmost grace — in fact, she was more worried for the fans' safety. The star appeared as if the incident didn't ruffle a single feather, asking, "Did someone throw a phone at me? Did someone just throw a phone on stage? That's so dangerous. What if your screen cracked?" Lucky for her and the show's attendees, no one was injured, but someone could have very well been.

The "One Last Time Singer" is right, of course: fans and concert-goers, please be careful! Grande could have ben hurt, and no matter the intentions, it's just disrespectful to throw anything on stage while an artist is performing.

Fans have all sorts of ways of showing affection. However, throwing dangerous items on stage should not be one of them. Thankfully, stars like Grande know how to handle situations like this with the utmost finesse. Snaps for you, Grande!