The Blonde Salad Transforms Into David Bowie

Leave it to fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad to rock the simplest and coolest Halloween costume, one that you could do in a hot second if you need a last-minute costume tonight. Ferragni dressed up as David Bowie last night for Jared Leto's Halloween party (click the link for photos on her Instagram account) and it was a total hit. The best part about dressing up as Bowie is that it's really all about the makeup. So if you're into makeup and want to do something cool tonight, I might suggest taking a cue from Ferragni, throwing on a metallic leotard and going as the famous glam rocker.

Once you have your metallic ensemble together — I like how Ferragni paired her metallic silver top with red skinnies and a red glittery jacket — you can get started on the makeup. Bowie makeup looks complicated, but it's honestly not even that hard — it just requires a steady hand and a close attention to detail. First, you should cover your face in a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin. Next, you'll want to start creating the lightning bolt using whatever highly pigmented makeup you can find. MAC is always a solid option. I like the orange and blue of Ferragni's lightning bolt.

If you want to channel Ferragni's Bowie look, you can put some pretty reddish pink shadow on your lids and add some false lashes, to keep it a little softer than just having an a giant lightning bolt on your face. If you really want to commit, you should probably add some red to your hair, like with this temporary hair chalk.

Christian Marquardt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here is the iconic makeup look she opted to replicate.

Check out this video tutorial from Joseph Harwood for a step-by-step guide for getting David Bowie makeup. Now you don't have to stress about putting together a last-minute Halloween costume!

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