These Daylight Saving Memes Are All Too Accurate

Daylight saving time officially ended Nov. 1, at 2 a.m., so hopefully you remembered to set your clocks back an hour (or more likely, relied on your cell phone to automatically do it for you). If not, these hilarious daylight saving time memes ought to remind you. This is a tricky time of year — as everyone knows all too well — because there are some definitive pros and cons to this whole "falling back" thing. You might as well take a few minutes to laugh before accepting the fact that winter is definitely on its way.

On the bright side, you've gained an extra hour of sleep, which is pretty lovely on a lazy Sunday like today. On the other hand, turning the clocks back an hour also means we'll all be commuting home from work on Monday in pitch black darkness — not so fun. Regardless of how you feel about DST ending though, there is one good thing about it we can all agree on: the endless, hilarious memes that surface every year when daylight saving time is over.

These memes perfectly capture the conflicting feelings we all get every year when we hear the words "daylight saving time" — from annoyance to disdain and most prevalent of all, confusion. (Who else always has a hard time remembering whether we lose or gain an hour? Seriously, every. damn. year.) Check them out, and laugh your way through your first day of falling back.

Seriously, did they automatically adjust?! They probably did. But did they?!

The dark days are coming...

Don't we all feel this way?



Yes, thank you, Daylight Saving Time. Thank you for nothing.

On a positive note....YES.

Images: MemeCenter; Makeameme; Memegenerator