How to Protect Your Suede Shoes From the Elements

Like leather, suede requires one-part prevention and one-part preservation when it comes to best care-taking practices. So, the next time you find yourself cursing the ominous sky as you hustle to find shelter for your beloved suede shoes, just know — it doesn't have to be this way! These are the only three tools you need to save your suede from daily evils, promise.


You can’t use just any brush on your suede shoes — it must be a suede-specific one. Both brass-wire brushes and multipurpose brushes work equally well to buff the material. If you try to cut corners on this particular tool, you’ll risk marking up and scuffing your shoes.


It's a big bummer when suede falls victim to water stains, so be sure to stay one step ahead of the game. Translation: spray your shoes with a water-repellent suede protectant. Remember, though, doing this once won't solve all your problems. You must be diligent about brushing your shoes and applying new protective layers often. "A brush a day, keeps the suede doctor away"... or something like that.


If you do find a spot or stain that needs to be removed, do not try to do this without the aid of a proper suede eraser. You could try to gently rub your shoes together, which sometimes brushes the stain away, but there's no guarantee that that method is completely effective. Therefore, invest in a decent suede eraser, which will remove any trace of the problem.

Image: Getty Images