Go Cubes Coffee Gummies Are Here To Change The Way You Consume Caffeine

Have you ever looked at coffee and thought to yourself, "The only thing that could make sweet, sweet caffeine better is if it came in squishy, gelatinous form?" Me either — but apparently, that's exactly what went through the minds of the creators of Go Cubes, the coffee gummies that are inexplicably taking the Internet by storm. Well, kind of. It managed to get funding through Indigogo, at least, which is more than can be said for the majority of the crowdfunding projects out there.

According to the Go Cubes website, the "future of coffee" is upon us, and it packs a seriously caffeinated punch. Just two cubes are equivalent to a cup of cold brew coffee (in theory, at least), and they're being marketed as cognitive performance enhancers, citing a variety of studies showing that caffeine improves cognition. The cubes even come in three flavors, for the discerning gummy-caffeine addict: Pure Drip, Mocha, and Latte.

"Whether you're an astronaut in outer-space, a parent on the way to pick up the kids, or you need a quick boost on your way to class, nothing beats the no-spills convenience of GO CUBES," the creators wrote on the Indigogo page. They have a point, admittedly — one of the perils of drinking coffee on the go is the tendency for it to mostly take up residence on your shirt.

Go Cubes are (miraculously) in the pre-ordering stage after raising more than $26,000 online. I repeat: Gelatinous coffee-flavored caffeine cubes have raised more money online than the cost of my student loans. The world is a wonderful, strange place, but especially when it comes to the Internet.

If gummy bears crossed with your favorite Starbucks drink mixed with a little scientific tinkering sounds like your cup of tea (or your cube, as it were), you can head over to the Go Cubes website to pre-order your futuristic caffeine fix.

Images: Fotolia; Go Cubes; Giphy