Get Ready To Swoon Over Hemsworth's New Trailer

Hi there, don't want to completely disrupt your schedule for the day, but I'm gonna need you to take a look at Chris Hemsworth in the new In The Heart Of The Sea trailer. This movie has taken so long to get on its feet that I've lost all ability to predict whether it's going to be incredible or not, but if there's one thing that will definitely get my butt into a theater on Dec. 11 to find out, it's Hemsworth as a gritty, sea-lashed sailor. The movie's final trailer was just released, and in addition to getting goosebumps from the intense action, hardcore special effects, and reminder that In The Heart Of The Sea is based on real life events that also inspired Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick, I was fully mesmerized by Hemsworth. How is he doing this? How is he pulling off a ratty ponytail, tattered clothing, and chapped lips? This shouldn't be possible.

Sure, I've seen him shirtless as Thor plenty of times, but there's something about his character in this film, Owen Chase, that's much more relatable. I'm watching this trailer and thinking, "Yeah, I could be the sailor's wife that that guy comes home to. I'll light a candle in my window every night for a year to guide that dude home." I think my bottom line is, we all just have a chance with this Owen Chase fellow more so than we have with an immortal. I'm aware they're both characters and that Chris Hemsworth is married with three kids in real life, but here were the 13 moments from the In The Heart Of The Sea trailer that made me kinda forget that, of only for a moment.

1. When The Rain Couldn't Hold Him Down

2. When This Would've Made Anyone Else Look Like A Drowned Rat

3. When He Was Up In The Rigging

4. When He Was Full Of Tenderness

5. When You Hoped He Saved Some Smooches For You

6. When He Was Captain Smirk

7. When He Was Yelling And You Didn't Even Mind

8. When He Had A Very Jeff Goldblum Vibe

9. When He Was All Grimed Up And Still Pulling This Off

10. When He Was Yelling More And You Still Didn't Mind

11. When You Were Shocked That He Was Still Handsome While Crawling Out Of The Sea Like A Salted Creature But He Somehow Was

12. When He Was All Business

13. When You Don't Even Like Guns But Damn

Woof. The guy just has it. I don't know if they have phones in 1820s New England, but if so, I'ma definitely need one of you guys to give him my number.

Images: Warner Bros./ YouTube (13)