"Jeb Can Fix It" Inspired A Bunch Of Memes

After the commotion of Halloween weekend and the unwelcome Daylight Saving Time change, Jeb Bush figured it would be a good time to revamp his presidential campaign. In addition to releasing an e-book, titled Reply All, which highlights his emails during his tenure as Florida governor, Jeb Bush unveiled a new slogan: "Jeb Can Fix It." That's right. Just when you thought Bush's campaign couldn't resemble a kindergarten classroom anymore than it already did with his Jeb! logo, he's proven us wrong. Immediately, the Internet caught hold of this new slogan and ran with it. It remains to be seen whether it will inspire higher poll numbers for the candidate, but "Jeb Can Fix It" has certainly inspired many memes that poke fun at the former governor.

After a third mediocre debate performance last week, when Bush displayed what Donald Trump not-so-affectionately calls his "low energy," even Bush himself acknowledged that he needed to overhaul his campaign. During an appearance on Meet the Press on NBC, Bush told host Chuck Todd:

I know that I got to get better at doing the debate. I'm a grinder. I mean, when I see that I'm not doing something well then I reset and I get better.

The following morning, Bush launched his campaign reset with his new slogan, "Jeb Can Fix It." And to go along with that slogan will be a national "Jeb Can Fix It" tour, which he kicked off on Monday in Florida.

But that's not the only thing that launched with the new slogan. "Jeb Can Fix It" has prompted a whole slew of memes that underscore the utter silliness of the slogan, which, by the way, sounds a lot like an after-school television program for children ages 2 to 8.

Everyone, from the left to the far right, have been having a field day with Bush's new slogan.

Bush is no stranger to memes, however, having been featured in a wide variety already. Before "Jeb Can Fix It," there was "Jeb Bush pointing at things."

Perhaps he should consider incorporating these into a re-reset of his campaign. Because I don't know about you, but this image is way more presidential material than the tiny construction worker that "Jeb Can Fix It" conjures.