5 Plus-Size Workout Clothes Brands That Are Actually Cute

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Curvy Girl Cliché #1: No plus-size woman actually works out.

Curvy Girl Cliché #2: No plus-size woman is healthy.

I call BS. Size comes down to way more than how many hours we spend doing cardio, but that being said, it's still pretty essential to find the time to hit the gym. I know I feel better mentally and emotionally when I maintain a consistent workout routine, and that has nothing to do with wanting to lose weight or look different. But as with people of any size, it's finding the time to work out that can often be a problem.

We're all swamped; that's no secret. So sometimes what you need to hit the elliptical is some motivation. For me, that often comes from having the right workout clothes. If I have activewear that fits right and looks good, I can't wait to hop onto a machine and start sweating away — sort of like when you buy that perfect cocktail dress and can't wait to hit the city on a Friday night.

But for plus-size women, finding cute and comfortable activewear can be just a bit tricky. So I've rounded up five of my favorite brands in aid of starting the New Year off just right: looking cute and feeling healthy.

Image courtesy of Marie Southard Ospina

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