5 Kittens That Prove The Monday Struggle Is Real

The first day back to work after a holiday is straight-up the worst. Your alarm is 20 times louder than usual, the train is somehow more crowded, and even those horrible fluorescent lights seem more fluorescent-y. Sometimes, the feat of getting through the day seems impossible, but I promise you, oh young one, it's not. To help you on your journey, here is a video of a kitten trying to jump onto a counter over and over again. A lot of times.

I honestly relate so deeply to this tiny ball of fluff. All he wants — all he's ever wanted — is to make it across that freaking crevasse to the counter (where, I have a feeling, treats reside). It's not asking a lot! But for some reason, it's just... really hard to do. Plus, all his other larger, older, less fluffy pet friends refuse to help him.

So he whines, then jumps, then faceplants. Whine, jump, faceplant. Whinejumpfaceplant. Over and over again, to the point where the first time I watched this video, I was in a public place and found myself unable to keep from whisper-shrieking, "Oh no!" every time he fell.

Spoiler: he eventually makes it. And it feels like the triumph of the year. Check out the video below:

But because this is a particularly heinous Monday — you can no longer wear glitter and a neon wig or eat Halloween candy for breakfast and be like, "What? I'm celebrating!" — here are a few more kittens that prove the Monday struggle is all too real. Because inside all of us is a one-pound kitten falling asleep in their food bowl, you know?

1. Kittens Struggling To Climb Some Stairs

Did anyone else squeal when they realized that the black and white kittens are called "Tuxedo Cats" or... yeah no me neither... I already knew that, and it's just like whatever get over it.

2. Kittens Struggling To Stay Awake

This is me in T-minus five hours, when I strong-arm my roommate into driving me to Chipotle for burritos, and then driving me home from Chipotle, and then letting me watch Gilmore Girls until I fall asleep. I'm a great roommate, is what I'm saying.

3. Kitten Struggling To Get Out Of The Bath

Ugh he looks like he has melted into the bath, and now is just permanently Bath Cat. Was this all of us trying to get out of bed this morning, or what?

4. Kitten Struggling To Be Very Scary

He's trying so hard. And all these dumb humans are so inconsiderate! Just be scared, guys. GOSH.

Images: Belal Khan/Flickr