How To Wash Your Tights Without Wrecking Them

by Sienna Fantozzi

Adulting is seriously freaking hard sometimes, and that definitely includes all chores, especially doing laundry. While washing your clothes is straightforward enough most of the time, there are certain articles of clothing that pose serious conundrums, like washing your tights in a washing machine. I mean, the material is so delicate, it could easily be ripped, and I'm not about to waste any of my food money buying extra pairs of tights. It's not like you can even tell when tights get dirty, anyways. But given that not washing is pretty darn gross, it's probably time we learned how.

If you thought washing your jeans was problematic, just wait until we hit peak fall/winter and you break out the tights. I mean, can they even go in the washing machine? The short answer is yes. While it might be better to hand wash them like you would your lingerie, the fact is not all of us have time to take extra special care like that. Especially when your tights are, like, ten bucks. I'll save the hand-washing for the expensive, lacy stuff, instead.

If you want to throw your tights in the wash alongside your other clothing, go right ahead, but just make sure you follow these tips to make sure they don't get damaged in there.

1. Use A Mild Detergent

Woolite Darks Detergent, $13, Amazon

You can use any basic laundry detergent, just make sure it doesn't contain bleach. .

2. Turn The Tights Inside Out

Wherefore Art Thou, Ro-meow? Tights, $15, Modcloth

Just like you would your jeans, turn your tights inside out to prevent lint buildup.

3. Use A Delicate Cycle

Obvious, but a much needed reminder for all you lazy girls out there.

4. Use A Cold Wash

A cold wash protects the color and texture of your tights.

5. Place Them In A Panty Hose Washer Bag

Lingerie Wash Bag, $3, Amazon

This protects them from becoming tangled and damaged.

6. Skip The Dryer

Hue Tights, $9, Amazon

Whatever you do, do not put your tights in the dryer. Instead, dry them on a towel. You also don't want to hang them to dry, because it will stretch them out.

Images: Macy's; Jet; Bed Bath and Beyond; Modcloth; Dan Whale/Pixabay