You Can Now Stream All Of 'The O.C.' Online

This news is unreal. The teen drama TV gods have bestowed a magical gift upon us all in every single episode of The O.C. I hope you don't have any plans this weekend, because The O.C. is now available to stream on The CW Seed — for free. Yes, you read that right: you can now catch up on so much beautiful southern Californian goodness that you will have Phantom Planet echoing in your brain for all of eternity. (And, damn it, you will like it.) There are so many amazing O.C. moments to relive, and now you don't even have to grab your well-worn DVDs to do so. It is everything that the O.C.-obsessed could hope for.

So how did this magic happen? You can thank Warner Bros., Josh Schwartz, and the universe. The CW Seed is television network The CW’s online streaming website and app, and much like streaming services like HBO Go it features older series to stream as well as original, exclusive content. Though The O.C. never aired on The CW — it aired on Fox from 2003 to 2007 — Entertainment Weekly reports that it is likely on The CW Seed as a part of a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Television. O.C. Creator Josh Schwartz also has a relationship with The CW, as he created shows like Gossip Girl for the network.

So now that we know that The O.C. is totally bingeable, what moments do we need to relive ASAP? Here are the moments you'll freak out about when you re-watch the series on The CW Seed, because you know that you're going to:

1. When Ryan Meets Marissa

"Whoever you want me to be" is the perfect go-to line for any introduction to a potential boo thing. Okay, so maybe only Ryan Atwood can pull it off, but still... swoon.

2. "Welcome To The O.C., Bitch!"

Ahh, Luke. Easily the most redeemed character on the show, but you have to admit that this line is perfectly douchey and totally quoteable.

3. The New Year's Kiss

Because who doesn't want their S.O. to rush up the stairs, all sweaty and out of breath, just to kiss you at midnight?

4. Seth Making A Demand Of Summer

"Acknowledge me now, or lose me forever." Brilliant, epic, and so wonderfully Seth and Summer.

5. Marissa ODing In Tijuana

Super #dark stuff for The O.C., and a nail-biting scene to re-watch.

6. Seth Rushing The Stage At Prom

She's the queen, and he loves her.

7. Marissa Shooting Trey

Mmm, what you say?

8. When We Find Out What's On Marissa's Mind

Annnnd now there's a lawn chair in the pool.

9. The Kirsten and Sandy Cohen Meet-Cute

Oh my God, it's Schmidt!!!

10. The Spider-Man Kiss

How many people have gotten injured trying to recreate this one? Really, this entire list could just consist of Seth and Summer kisses.

11. Kirsten's Freak Out

"I may like my chardonnay, but I am not going to die alone and that's more than I can say for you!" The often even-keeled Kirsten delivers the most emotional punch ever in that one line.

12. Taylor And Ryan Kiss

I shipped them, okay?

13. Seth And Summer's Wedding

This is the final episode, so have fun sobbing right before you head back to the pilot episode for your second round of binging.

Have fun spending your weekend with Seth, Summer, Marissa and Ryan — and good luck getting anything else done.

Images: Fox; Giphy