In Case You Forgot How Weird '90s Commercials Were

Man, commercials when we were kids were weird, right? Like how did we not notice that they were weird? They certainly seem weird now to these other millennials that BuzzFeed roped into re-watching food commercials from their '90s childhood.

From pointing out the similarities between '90s Capri-Sun commercials and The Secret World Of Alex Mack to noticing that '90s kids always seemed to be wearing cool bike helmets, these adults find that their childhood was a lot stranger than they remembered (plus, what is up with that complete breakfast of milk and orange juice? That stuff is just gross).

But these commercials were also aspirational, in a harmless for-kids sort of way. You'd watch groups of kids hanging out and skateboarding, or sneaking off to the beach, and think man, that looks fun (and also, of course, man, I want some Honeycomb cereal). "I think these commercials promoted the fact that it's super cool to be a kid," one of the girls points out. Re-watching these commercials also brings up plenty of nostalgia for the days of watching Saturday morning cartoons in your PJs. "When I think about why I love the 90s so much I think about watching TV," one man bravely points out.

Check out the video, and expect lots of Mischa Barton and Gushers fruit heads (also, if you're like me and every time you think of the word Gusher you want one, because they were the best, go to your nearest grocery store/bodega first and report back):

I have to say, I miss kid power commercials! Wait, are commercials directed at kids still that way? Let me clarify: I miss kid power commercials aimed at me. Let me make it shorter: I miss being a kid. Oh, fleeting youth!

Images: YouTube