7 Fantastic Times Bernie Sanders Stood Up For Women & Their Rights


Bernie Sanders has made it abundantly clear that he cares about tackling more than corporate greed, and he has proven that Hillary Clinton isn't the only feminist running for the Democratic presidential nomination. He's not only pro-choice, but also believes women should have complete control over their bodies, should make the same amount of money as men for equal work, and shouldn't have to worry about domestic or sexual violence. In the numerous times Sanders has stood up for women or otherwise said something feminist, he's demonstrated that he truly values women as equals.

Sanders recently identified himself as a feminist (which he said means that he has a commitment to fighting for women’s rights), and his stances on women's issues and equality for everyone back up the claim. He isn't shy about standing up for the other half of the population and our right to equal treatment, either — his campaign website even has a page dedicated to women's rights. The liberal presidential candidate calls out others who don't have feminist values, and has attacked Republicans for their attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and limit women's access to medical care.

If you want to know where Sanders stands on feminist issues, just look at these seven times he stood up for women.

On The Violence Against Women Act

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Sanders voted for the Violence Against Women Act in 2013, which protects and provides support for victims, as well as strengthening the legal response to abuse. When President Obama signed it into law, Sanders issued a statement which read:

On Equal Pay

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In his 12-point economic plan he outlined for the Senate in December, Sanders advocated for equal pay for equal work. One portion of the plan read:

On The "War On Women"

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In an op-ed Sanders wrote for The Huffington Post in 2012 about the "war on women," he said:

On A Female President

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In an interview with a Washington Post reporter in September, Sanders explained that he wants to see more women in office, but that voters need to choose a candidate based on their agenda and record. He said:

On Planned Parenthood

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In a September Facebook post, Sanders called out Republicans for trying to defund Planned Parenthood. He said:

On Maternity Leave

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As a part of his "family values agenda," Sanders advocated for 12 weeks of paid leave if an employee gives birth or is diagnosed with a serious medical condition. He said:

On The Equal Rights Amendment


Sanders' campaign website vows that he'll pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which guarantees equal rights for women, if elected president. It says: